The Substation
Next Wave Festival 2018

Creators Charles Purcell, Zak Pidd, Marcus McKenzie, Rosie Clynes & Kai Bradley
Set Design Jonathan Hindmarsh
Lighting Design Katie Sfetkidis
Sound Design Zak Pidd
Dramaturg Katie Maudlin
Producer Natasha Phillips

Apokalypsis is a clever and quirky race through time that assumes a moral imperative – you’ll reflect on the sheer fragility of life, and on your complicity in the current mass extinction – without the over-earnestness that can sometimes sabotage it. - Cameron Woodhead, The Age

...clever use of dialogue that’s either directly or indirectly related to the disasters, along with strobe lighting and intense sounds build the suspense until the show’s climax, leaving you on the edge of your seat for the full 60 minutes. The conversations and interactions between the characters develop from frivolous and funny snapshots into tense discussions laced with denial.

The creators manage to make these devastating events both horrifying and, at times, humorous.... overall it’s a really bold and absorbing production. The acting is compelling and the script writing is strong.
- Christine Fotis, Milk Bar Mag

Photos Sarah Walker