Invisible Discourses was a four hour improvised performance piece by Penny Harpham and Marcus McKenzie for Love/City Festival 2014.

Invisible Discourses is a durational study on modes of isolation in populated urban environments - emotional, psychological, physical. Cultivating the unexpected in live performance via an interrogation of the minute and the jejune, Harpham and McKenzie come together to perform a dual series of solo vignettes in an order determined randomly as the performance unfolds, each vignette representing one hour out of twenty four. The unpredictable juxtapositions between the spatiotemporal world of each performer excavate a hidden lingual and physical reality in which the performers' fears, fantasies, obsessions, habits and regrets coincide. Invisible Discourses questions what it is to be alone in a modern metropolitan context, dispersing with linear narratives in favour of an ever-unfolding narrative of invisible, silent discourses.

Video & Music: Marcus McKenzie
Curator: Arie Rain Glorie