Created by Marcus McKenzie

Steps Gallery, Carlton
Melbourne Fringe, September 2019

Part dystopian sci-fi and part self-help seminar, Subliminal Massage imagines a world almost devoid of touch and speech, in which human connection has transcended the physical and become a purely idealistic, theoretical concept. How might we connect in an time of heightened connectivity but seemingly epidemic disconnection?

Incorporating psychobabble, psychedelia, pseudoscience and pop-cultural detritus, McKenzie weaves his idiosyncratic brand of choreographic, frenetic, stream-of-consciousness prose-poem in the highly anticipated follow up to 2016's HYPERSPIRIT (Nominated - Best Show, Melbourne Fringe Awards).

"...masterful...The work is a serious achievement and its performance is at times virtuosic... McKenzie demands attention, here and in the future." - John Bailey, RealTime (on HYPERSPIRIT)

"...firmly camped in the allusive maximalism of the postmodern author, sewing together genres including noir, the Gothic, Greek myth... and fable. As much as his role communicates with the spirits of the dead, McKenzie here seems possessed by Ginsberg and Kerouac, the TV mentalists who cold-read mourners and a pantheon of dark and declarative authors running from William Blake to Cormac McCarthy". - John Bailey, RealTime (On HYPERSPIRIT)

"The wit of the performances, both physical and verbal, is riveting... a dark delerium." - Alison Croggon, Witness Performance (On The Temple)

This project has been supported by The Arts Centre’s Small & Loud program and Mechanics Institute’s Artist Development program.


Images from showing Small & Loud at Arts Centre Melbourne, February 2018