Malthouse Theatre & Pan Pan Theatre, 2019

CREATED BY / Gavin Quinn, Aljin Abella, Ash Flanders, Mish Grigor, Nicola Gunn, Marcus McKenzie

DIRECTION / Gavin Quinn

CAST / Aljin Abella, Ash Flanders, Genevieve Giuffre, Mish Grigor, Marcus McKenzie

SET & LIGHTING DESIGN / Aedín Cosgrove

COSTUME DESIGN / Harriet Oxley

SOUND DESIGN / Tom Backhaus

STAGE MANAGER / Lyndie Li Wan Po

‘The wit of the performances, both physical and verbal, is riveting… a dark delerium’
- Alison Croggon, Witness Performance

Welcome to The Temple. Here, we are not ourselves.

No-one ever really wants to be boring old ‘just me’. That’s why the residents of The Temple are always being someone else. Feel free to jump in. It’s a liberating exercise that is really catching on.

Join an orgy of comedic performers for a short course on How to Be Human. Everything’s set for a group session of gags, traumas, banter and tantrums—each as hysterical as the last.

Dubliner Gavin Quinn concocts a wild Irish brew with Australian ingredients, including Ash Flanders (Blackie Blackie Brown), Mish Grigor (Ich Nibber Dibber), Aljin Abella and Marcus McKenzie.

Be honest with yourself. Admit that you want to pretend. There’s nothing to lose but yourself. Would you really miss it?