La Mama Theatre 2017

Jai Leeworthy
Sound Design Marcus McKenzie
Stage Manager Jordan Peters
Performers Tori Ball, Jai Leeworthy, Josiah Lulham, Cera Maree

In Arthurian legend, the Fisher King is wounded in the groin, and his impotence magically turns the country into a barren wasteland. He waits for the chosen one to heal him and the land. In the near future, natural disasters are increasingly frequent and intense. Animals can sense them coming and behave unpredictably. They damage property. A private security company protects the humans from the animal chaos. In the present, Kingfisher is a dance theatre work. Stories are told and untold. Strange bodies appear and merge, playful and horrific. We are looking for healing powers.

Photography Naomi Lee
Promo Image Wilson Liew